MindActive employs a highly-skilled and diversified set of creative professionals. Our team comes from all walks of life: Marketing Professionals, Graphic Designers, Film/Video Producers, Artists, and Storytellers. This broad range of talent comes together to form a deeply integrated and specialized group that has the ability to achieve outstanding results across the entire gamut of the marketing world. We move fast, we embrace the latest technologies, we see the future - and we’re rushing towards it head-first. Join us.

Syd H.

Developer, Designer, Creative, Strategy

About Me

Syd has been a part of the MindActive team for over two years. Syd is an integral part of building and maintaining MindActive’s web services.

Armed with an MA and a BA in Media Communications from Webster University and a Certificate of Multimedia from East Central College. Syd’s vast knowledge of various web languages enables Syd to anatomize problems and solve them in a timely and auspicious manor. As an assertive go-getter, and an accommodating listener, Syd provides exceptional projects of superior quality.

Syd also claims to be a secret spy who can fly and see abnormally well in the dark... So they've got that going for them too.

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