MindActive employs a highly-skilled and diversified set of creative professionals. Our team comes from all walks of life: Marketing Professionals, Graphic Designers, Film/Video Producers, Artists, and Storytellers. This broad range of talent comes together to form a deeply integrated and specialized group that has the ability to achieve outstanding results across the entire gamut of the marketing world. We move fast, we embrace the latest technologies, we see the future - and we’re rushing towards it head-first. Join us.

Todd P. Lehman

Lead developer and OSS Evangelist

About Me

Todd joined the MindActive team in 2009. After studying computer-science at MWSC, Todd received his Linux+ certification in 2002. Todd now leads the charge in the fast paced growth that a digital firm requires. Building responsive web-applications, which serve traffic in the millions/day, as well as developing AR mobile apps, and REST-ful web-services for clients who demand high-performance geo-location, and content APIs.

Todd’s vast skill and expertise is broad ranged. The short list includes:

Creates, tests and deploys applications on LAMP stacks and developing products that deploy mobile apps in javascript.


Develops code in PHP, using php-frameworks like “zend”, and offering significant experience using javascript in AJAXy type contexts, think jQuery, especially in robust LAMP-based CMS systems like drupal, wordpress, and Joomla, as well as developing numerous shopping-cart sites using platforms like Magento.

Broad know-how in sysadmin, esp DNS and CA/cert integrations, deploying tools that allow for test-stage-prod deployment automation and extensive use of pro-active mitigation utilities like fail2ban, as well as real-time detail and aggregate reporting using zabbix.

Todd’s heroes are Douglas Crockford, Linus Torvalds, and Bill Murray.

He likes disco, country-blues, and hip-hop, but not always in that order.

His favorite movie quote is “the dude abides”

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