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Douglas Marshall

VP of Sales, Cyber Business Solutions, Business Intelligence

About Me

Doug’s passion is transforming sales to create a synergistic approach to both what the client needs and what they want. His specialty lies in using a consulting sales approach which allows him to find the gaps in businesses and transform them into strengths.

Doug managed CISCO Systems for 14 years, worked for Oracle in selling Business Intelligence- the business of getting fresh data to craft impact in decision making. He also worked for one of the most relevant cybersecurity companies worldwide- Tripwire- as a regional manager for the South-Central US. Directing forensic investigations and creating solutions for companies based on needs and their unique challenges has been a key aspect of Doug’s work as a Tripwire regional manager.

Doug’s passion is flyfishing. One of his daughters is an actress on fast track to Broadway, and the other is going to Duke and UNC for lacrosse and field hockey. His son is on the AAA Blues hockey team and will be joining the US hockey team in Europe for the summer.

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