Byron Sletten

Principal, Creative Director

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About Me

In his former life as an assistant professor in the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana, Byron had access to the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and became interested in seminal experiments in computer graphics. With his interest piqued by both the power of graphics and his own vision of its near-term potential, Byron left the academic world in 1987 to develop a career as a creative agent, providing graphic solutions for clients all over the world.


Subsequently, Byron gained a broad range of experience in marketing and advertising, computer graphics, web design, interactive design and information technology. He developed valuable, sought-after skill sets and accrued a career’s worth of real-world experience that put him at the forefront of emerging solutions for clients ranging from industry-leading corporations to new-tech start-ups. He helped launch products for Intel, helped design packaging for Lotus software (then the second-largest software company in the world), and more recently, he led creative teams in new-product development and rollout efforts for Anheuser-Busch, Cargill and Ralston Foods.


Although he’s been a partner at MindActive since 2003, Byron continues to polish the ever-useful skills of his academic roots by teaching professional workshops, by contributing as a member of the advisory board of St. Louis Community College and by conducting seminars for business professionals. … and plays acoustic bass in a jazz ensemble. 


In the past you were your brochure, your direct mail piece, your outdated ad in the yellow pages. No longer. No organization can afford to simply stand on the sidelines and attempt to let their offerings speak on their behalf. In a world with so many and varied ways to reach your audience, we believe and make it our goal to imbibe your brand with a pronged digital media solution - something that will transcend a typical website or promotional video and call on your marketplace to take action.

This is why we are different. It’s not simply the expertise and talent that our team brings in digital video, interactive production, mobile applications, and more.

It is that we believe these disparate strands must be woven together as one - into a cohesive strategy that gives life and voice to our client’s specific point of view. We don’t create stand-alone marketing tools. We invest in creating a brand, a call to action from which these marketing elements will flow naturally.

We take pride in our concept that every decision we make must move in concert with this united strategy. This ensures that what we create together not only meets your vision and identity but expands beyond the world of traditional marketing ideology as it was practiced in the past. Ultimately what drives us is crafting a bridge that brings together all of your marketing goals under one connected banner.

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