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All things get better over time

Ok, this post might be a little bit of a stretch, but I have to say I noticed a small improvement on a product that I have been using for many years.

We all walk out of the house in the morning sometimes having not eaten a good breakfast, or the right breakfast. I do this almost every day. My go to is a simple “Nature Valley - Crunchy Oats ’n Honey Bar.” It comes in a two pack, is a little sweet but filling, and seems to stay with me for a few hours to get me through the day. Inevitably, I open it in the car while driving to work and drinking a cup of coffee. I am a bit of a clean car person so I can not stand it when I open the package and half of the bar is crumbled in the package and spills out between my legs all over the seat. This has been going on for years!

Until today!

I just came back from Sam's Club where I get these now for the office. I do not eat them in the car as much, but wait until I make a cup of coffee at the office and have my morning bar. I opened the package of the new Mega Pack 96 bars, took one to my desk and carefully opened it as I usually do so not to make a mess and...they have cut the bars in a new way! Just something simple as a sharp cut edge and there are no broken pieces, and the bar stays together when you bite into it.

It is amazing how little things can make you so happy! A great product made just a little better has made such a difference in my everyday life.

Way to go NATURE VALLEY! You made my day!

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