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Founded in 1959, CASCO + R|5 has a rich history of engineering and architecture services. Our defining strength, then and now, is the commitment to quality and service provided by exceptional talent and dedicated account and project managers. CASCO + R|5’s core competencies provide nationwide leadership in design and engineering.

The Challenge

CASCO + R|5, one of St. Louis’s premier architecture, engineering, and design firms, reached out to MindActive with a challenge: to completely redesign the CASCO + R|5 website with a new, responsive theme and design, reflecting the newly elevated corporate culture and partnership with the R|5 design firm. This would include a migration of data between the original site platform and the new platform and use much of existing imagery and verbiage. MindActive was also on a short timeline, as CASCO + R|5 had scheduled a move to a new, contemporary office space in Maplewood, MO and they wanted the new site rolled out in conjunction with the relocation.

The Details

MindActive was operating under a tight timeline with a very clear set of deliverables. The new site would be mobile responsive, integrate a set of B2B analytic and traffic tracking tool, integrate social media hooks into the web site, and include both existing and new content, from photos and videos to site verbiage.

MindActive would shift the current tone of the site to focus more on the staff and office environment, as well as showcase services and the CASCO + R|5 mission. As the web design team wireframed the new site in the chosen template, the graphics team traveled on-site to gather process photos of the teams at work and interior location shots, videos of the architects and designers in action, and interviews with key partners within the firm. MindActive also worked with the CASCO + R|5 team to create and edit graphical elements utilizing engineering / CAD files for imagery. Over the course of two months, MindActive and CASCO + R|5 reviewed the existing copy and images, made updates, and implemented the changes.

The Outcome

The new site, www.cascocorp.com, went live in July of 2018. The newly redesigned site has provided CASCO + R|5 with a platform to display their history, leadership, and tremendous creative and technical expertise. From architecture to design to engineering – particularly civil engineering – the new site provides prospective and current clients with all of the details that they need to move their vision forward.

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