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“MindActive is our go to studio for all b-roll productions. These videos are used for Home Shopping Network and QVC’s on-air presentations of brands such as Whirlpool, Hunter, and First Alert. In addition, the videos are utilized by the manufacturer for on-line sales and training purposes.

MindActive’s exceptional combination of lifestyle and 3D animation make their videos impactful and an important part of the on-air and online sales process. They have consistently produced quality work with a keen eye for design and budget.

Duggan and Brown’s national team considers the MindActive partnership to be an integral part of our success selling over 50 million dollars in homecare products.”

Jerry Brown Founder
Duggan and Brown

The Challenge:

Direct response advertising on TV is a powerful tool to develop new sales opportunities for product distribution. Once a late-night TV phenomenon featuring a fast-talking pitch on specialty knives, this multi-billion-dollar industry is now attracting the attention of Fortune 500 blue chips.

Duggan and Brown, a national merchandising firm, has assisted hundreds of products in their journey to on-air success. They have forged a strong relationship with companies like Home Shopping Network and QVC and understand the complex system of buyer relationships, on-air talent, and marketing support materials.

MindActive’s digital and video support is part of Duggan and Brown’s package success. Our goal is provide a powerful tool that connects with the viewer in order to help them understand how and why they are purchasing a quality product that will enhance their lives.


Products featured on-air sell best when the consumer can relate and see themselves needing and using them. We work in collaboration with Duggan and Brown, the vendor, and the on-air distribution channel to create both lifestyle and animation b-roll videos. These short videos demonstrate and educate how lives are improved through quality home appliances and accessories. We are charged with creating budget minded 15-second lifestyle shots in familiar settings, such as homes and parks, showcasing women, men, and children. In addition, our animation team works with manufacturing CAD and STEP files to create complex 3D animation and graphics, to give a deeper understanding of processes that the human eye cannot see.


Duggan and Brown have supplied merchandising expertise and innovation to manufacturers around the world for 45 years. Their comprehensive support and success partnering with on-air distribution channels has provided their clients with increased profitability and growth.

We are proud to be a part of Duggan and Brown’s preferred marketing vendors. Our high quality video services are part of a winning package and a proven tool to support higher sales and opportunities.

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