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The owner of Master Brands approached us with a challenge – to take video assets we recently created for the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and launch a new brand, including: a retail website; an Amazon page; an infomercial; print, graphics and photography…and be ready for launch in under 4 weeks.

Master Brands has 25 years of experience in product development for the global appliance market, with a focus on home environment products. Their successful retail outlets range from traditional brick-and-mortar to online stores, with a significant history of sales with HSN. In 2017, it was time to shake up the industry again with new products that feature not only a sleek and elegant style but also a focus on improving lives. Thus, LivePure was born!

For over five years, MindActive has been developing the video, animation, graphics, and photography for the previous products that Master Brand has featured on HSN. Those services are what they know and count on us for. Our goal was to combine these high-quality visual assets with our branding and web services and really showcase the strength of our team.


With a short turnaround time on a hot project, we were able to mobilize our teams to work quickly and seamlessly and create a full launch of web, print, and on-air materials for the new product collection and brand. This could not have been done though without Master Brand’s responsiveness and faith in our plan. Master Brand’s ability to provide information needed on the LivePure line of products allowed us to run with the project with their total confidence, which was an integral part of the rapid deployment.

What kind of information did we need, and why was this so important for our project? The LivePure collection of products all focus on keeping air healthy in the home. Historically, products of this nature are either large and visually intrusive or small and ineffective. The marketing of these products reflects this lack of design and home integrity. When LivePure launched its first air purifier, it did so with careful attention to the aesthetics of the product and how it would fit into today’s décor. That, paired with revolutionary use of coconut fibers to assist in cleaning the air and a secondary 99.97% true HEPA filter, means it is extremely effective at cleaning the air of particles as small as 3 microns (.000012 inch) in diameter.

So, how do you showcase a powerful cleaning system, let people know that its about keeping your family healthy, and present it all on a site that reflects the sleek styling of a manufacturer who thinks about the visual integration into someone’s home? We chose a marketing style that is clean, fresh and minimalist. The website and video assets start with the idea that it’s not just about a machine but connecting with what we all strive for – health and vitality.

Outcome was launched in under four weeks. The visual assets premiered on HSN September 4th and the product and design was so well received that they immediately asked for two more airings. New products and concepts are in the works and the website will continue to grow seamlessly with the corporate growth. As with any site, it is live but never done; there are always additions, changes, improvements and updates that need to be made. Working with a client who puts their trust in us to deliver high quality services which showcase a new approach to keeping a family healthy is the ultimate team approach, and we are looking forward to seeing what else LivePure brings to the market.

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