A Glide Path To Recovery

The Challenge:

Dr. Zipperer runs ZMG Clinics, pain management and addiction recovery clinics in Alaska. Their mission is to give hope and relief to those with chronic pain and to provide recovery solutions and a sense of dignity to those with pain-related drug dependencies. ZMG is often the last resort for those who have searched in vain for viable, lasting pain or addiction remediation.

Our goal was (and still is) to promote ZMG Clinics and that mission. This is serious stuff, with life and death consequences. Marketing this service is something we take very seriously. In addition to the newest medical treatments, there are social issues very much at the forefront of current national concerns. In spite of the controversies, we needed to communicate that there are solutions and hope.


In 2014, we rebranded Zipperer Medical Group to ZMG Clinics. This included the new name, graphic identity standards, and a host of marketing initiatives. Working with ZMG and promoting the brand starts with respect for the mission. Every touch-point we produced, from print collateral, radio, TV spots, video testimonials – and the selection of photos for the website we built - was true to that mission. That meant acquiring a deep understanding of the complexity of the issues of pain and addiction. In a world where stigma can be a devastating thing to people struggling with this medical condition, it was essential to show that ZMG treats patients with respect, compassion, and dignity.


ZMG has developed innovative successful addiction-abatement programs to ease pain patients out of their opiate-based addictions and provide a path back to recovery. His methods have now been recognized as state-of-art.

After 4 years of working with ZMG, we are proud of the work Dr. Zipperer has done and the lives he has improved. As his creative services agency, we hope to continue to grow these successful efforts into a national force for saving lives.

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