• Why Video?

Nothing captivates the mind quite like video.

From the first days of Edison and the Lumière brothers, we’ve always understood that a well crafted image could affect us like nothing else.

The same holds true today in video based marketing.

A well designed video that highlights your product or message is instrumental in captivating the attention of your audience. Your message is 5-10 times more likely to be watched and 5 times more likely to be remembered if you provide customers with a video or motion graphic. And at MindActive, we’ve always known that the best videos don’t simply feature products - they tell stories.

When we’re approached to create a video or 3D animation for a product or event, we don’t just want to throw it in front of a green screen and call it a day. We want to dive into how your message or asset can improve your customer’s lives. That’s why we’re not a “Video Production” company, we’re a group of storytellers and artists who take the same artistic integrity to represent your brand.

At MindActive, we include services ranging from initial concept to writing, directing, producing, talent and location acquisition, and editing, to deliver a highly polished final product that will make your brand soar. Whether it's on-air b-rolls, large scale event productions, documentaries, or corporate branding, our work hits the mark with the appropriate level of production. We’ll make you look good on any budget. We scale to meet and exceed your expectations with the right equipment, the right crew, and the right execution.

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