Why Use a Drone?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), also known as drones, are an emerging technology to capture digital media which has far surpassed the traditional data collection methods. Drones can provide "now" data to bring safety and project needs to a new strategic vantage point.

Project Deliverables:


  • Video location scheduled with crew
    • Director
    • Licensed drone pilot
    • Interior and exterior filming available
  • Video edit and post production
  • Delivery and deployment (Web, LMS, social media, etc.)

Initial cost

  • Travel expenses will be billed at cost
  • Insurance:
  • On-site fee (hourly rate):
  • Videography:
  • Editing and post-production:
  • Deployment:

Drone Shots

The Fly-by Reveal

The Fly-By requires you to fly your drone past an object in the foreground. The closer you can get, the better. Heck, fly through something! The Fly-By only works when you have a foreground element to fly past, but it works even better when you have a beautiful background to reveal.

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